The Pioneering Women of NASA

The Pioneering Women of NASA

Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson & Christine Darden defied segregation & broke barriers in STEM fields at NASA

Vaughan was 1st African American supervisor at NACA, later known as NASA. She played crucial role in 1st electronic computer development.

Jackson was 1st African American female engineer at NASA Langley. She advocated for diversity in STEM & inspired future generations.

Johnson's mathematical skills were key in early space program. She calculated trajectories for 1st manned spaceflights including Apollo 11.

Darden was a mathematician, data analyst & aeronautical engineer at NASA Langley. Her research on supersonic flight helped develop Concorde.

These women faced discrimination but persevered to become trailblazers in STEM. Their legacy continues to inspire future generations.

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