Things to Do When You're Single on Valentine's Day

Go to a Movie

Going to the movies alone is arguably better than going with someone else. Get a ticket to a new film you've been dying to see, splurge on some popcorn and candy, and have a date with yourself.

Host a Singles-Only Dinner Party

Spending time with friends is a great celebration of love that doesn't involve romance. Invite all your favorite single people over, cook an amazing dinner, pop some bubbly, and toast to your independence.

Enjoy a Beauty Treatment

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Spoil yourself with a haircut, blowout, mani-pedi, or massage.

Get Out of Town

– Plan a Valentine's Day weekend getaway with a friend or family member, or go on your own. Visit somewhere new or travel to a favorite destination where you can bask in nostalgia.

Cook a Romantic Dinner for Your Parents

What better way to celebrate love than to spend quality time with your parents? Have them forgo a traditional dinner out and cook for them instead. Set the table, light candles, and open a good bottle of wine.

Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant

Solo dinners out are so underrated. Not only can you order whatever you want, but you don't have to make conversation with anyone and can really focus on the delicious food. Book a table for one at your favorite restaurant , and don't forget to end the night with dessert.

Sign Up for a Boutique Workout

If you've been meaning to check out a class at a cool workout studio near you, now is the time! After reaping the emotional benefits of exercise, cap things off with a smoothie.

Stay In and Pamper Yourself

Make it a day of self-care activities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Take a long bath, put on a face mask, or paint your nails.

Do Something Nice for Someone

Choose someone who is older than you, like a grandparent, elderly neighbor, or mentor. Send them a bouquet of roses with a sweet card.

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