The World's  11  Greatest Investors

Ben Graham: Father of value investing, emphasized buying undervalued assets with strong fundamentals.

John Templeton: Legendary contrarian investor, created successful international funds, knighted for accomplishments.

Thomas Rowe Price Jr: "Father of Growth Investing" focused on long-term stock-picking, discipline, research, consistency.

Neff: Wellington Management Co. veteran, focused on value investing, strong returns, ran successful Windsor Fund (1964-1995)

Jesse Livermore: self-taught trader, learned from wins & losses, helped shape modern trading ideas, bet against "bucket shops"

Peter Lynch: managed Fidelity Magellan Fund (1977-1990), assets grew from $18M to $14B, beat S&P 500, chameleon investment style.

George Soros: Master of leveraging economic trends, short-term speculator, founded hedge fund company, achieved 2 times 100% returns.

Warren Buffett:  Successful investor, known as "Oracle of Omaha," follows Benjamin Graham principles, Investe through Berkshire Hathaway.

Jack Bogle: Founder of Vanguard Group, pioneer of no-load mutual funds, advocate of low-cost index investing and creator of the first index fund, Vanguard 500.

Carl Icahn: Activist investor, uses ownership positions to force changes & increase value of shares, famous for "Icahn Lift" in company's stock when buying.

Bill Gross: "King of Bonds," world's leading bond fund manager, founder of PIMCO, $1.92T AUM, inducted in Fixed-Income Analyst Society Hall of Fame.


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