Mind blowing!

The  James Webb Space Telescope images of 2022

After long wait, The first, full colour images from the James Webb Space Telescope have been released.

Multiple Blue Rings

Webb's first deep field

First image taken by James webb showing most distant galaxies.

Multiple Blue Rings

Water in a Hot Jupiter

Hot Jupiter containing water vapours, clouds and haze.

Multiple Blue Rings

Exoplanet WASP-96 b

The planet WASP-96 b. This Jupiter-sized gas giant is extremely close to its Sun-like parent star, orbiting once every 3.4 days.

Multiple Blue Rings

The death of a star

The Southern Ring Nebula, a planetary nebula that is showing last stages of a star.

Multiple Blue Rings

A galactic quintet

Stephan’s Quintet, It is a set of five galaxies, four of which are truly part of a close-knit cluster. 

Multiple Blue Rings

The Carina Nebula

Image showing Newly-born stars are surrounded by clouds of gas and dust from which planets will be  created.

Multiple Blue Rings

The Pillars of Creation

Eagle nebula showing star formation with pillars of creation.

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