6 Rules for Successful Dividend Investing

Rule 1

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Investors should consider long-term sustainability of dividends rather than just high yield. Lower-risk dividend stocks may have less yield, but more reliable income over time.

Rule 2

Stick With Established Companies

Dividend aristocrats are established companies that have consistently increased dividends for 25+ years, have recognizable brands and a high likelihood of continued cash flow. Invest in them for stable returns.

Rule 3

Look for Growth Potential

When investing in dividends, don't just look at past returns. Research the company's potential for future dividend growth. This is the key difference between growth and value investing. Focus on long-term outlook for growth.

Rule 4

Be Mindful of the Payout Ratio

Dividend payout ratio reveals safety of investment. High yield stock may not be safe if the company pays out a high percentage of its income to investors. Reduced income stream can lead to lower dividends. Be cautious.

Rule 5

Mix It Up

Concentrating assets on a few stocks or a specific sector can lead to high returns but also high risk. Diversifying assets over multiple dividend investments reduces risk. 

When dividends are reduced in one area, the loss is not felt as deeply when the rest of the portfolio continues to perform.

Rule 6

Know When to Hold and When to Fold

Warren Buffett advises taking a long-term view when investing, but knowing when to cut losses. 

 Dividend stocks can be a trap if the company fails to deliver growth. Recognizing when a stock is sinking is vital, but timing when to act and when to wait is crucial.