Byju ends brand partnership with BCCI, ICC, FIFA; Big decision of the company to get profit

byjus nwes of bcci and icc and fifa

BYJU’S not to renew partnership with BCCI, ICC & FIFA, Founder & CEO says: Byju is the startup with the highest market value in the country. Last year was very bad for the company. However, now the company is trying to recover. As part of these efforts, the company has decided to no longer have brand partnerships with … Read more

Economic Downturn Leads to Layoffs for Thousands of Indian IT Professionals in the US

In the United States, there are large scale layoffs in IT companies. Finding new jobs in this difficult time has become a big challenge. To overcome this crisis, Indian IT professionals have created many WhatsApp groups to help each other find new employment opportunities. Laid-off Indian IT professionals : Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies … Read more

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