Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing by 2025

Saturn's Rings Are Disappearing

Saturn’s Rings: Saturn’s iconic rings are disappearing, and scientists are not sure why. The rings are made up of billions of ice particles, ranging in size from tiny grains to chunks as large as houses. They orbit Saturn at speeds of up to 170,000 kilometers per hour. Saturn’s Rings to ‘Disappear’ by 2025, but Don’t … Read more

ISRO’s Aditya-L1 Successfully Captures First Light of Sun

ISRO's Aditya-L1 Successfully Captures First Light of Sun

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has shared details of the first light of the Sun captured by the High Energy L1 Orbiting X-ray Spectrometer (HEL1OS) spectrometer onboard its Aditya-L1 spacecraft. HEL1OS, developed by the Space Astronomy Group of the U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO, Bengaluru, has successfully recorded the impulsive phase of solar … Read more

Supreme Court Bans Barium Firecrackers Across India

supreme court

The Supreme Court of India has banned the use of firecrackers containing barium across the country. The court said that the ban is necessary to protect the environment and public health. The court also said that it is important to educate the public about the harmful effects of firecrackers. The court noted that children are … Read more

Blast at Jehovah Witnesses Church in Kerala, One Dead, 23 Injured

Jehovah Witnesses Church, Kerala

Teams of counter-terror sleuths and National Security Guards (NSG) have been sent to the Jehovah Witnesses Church in Kalamassery in Kerala after an improvised explosive device exploded at the Sunday prayer meeting this morning. One woman died and another 23 were injured in the first hinterland blast after many years with CT operatives on the … Read more

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’ Fails to Impress at Box Office, Earns Rs 1.25 Crore on Day 2

tejas movie

Kangana Ranaut’s latest film, ‘Tejas’, failed to pick up pace at the box office on its first Saturday, earning just Rs 1.25 crore. This is significantly lower than the Rs 2.50 crore that was earned on Day 1. The film has been facing mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, with some praising Ranaut’s performance … Read more

Mike Pence Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race | Short News

Mike Pence Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race

Former US Vice President Mike Pence drops out of 2024 presidential race, citing lack of support. Pence had struggled to gain traction in the polls and raise money, and his departure further clears the path for Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee. source: India today Read also: 10 Best Bill Payment Apps Online in … Read more

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