Human Health And Diseases Revision Notes For NEET 2023

Human health and diseases revision notes for class 12 and NEET

Introduction To Human Health and Diseases: HEALTH : Early Greeks like Hippocrates reflective thought. Indian Ayurveda system of medicine Yoga : Disease: Classification of diseases : COMMON DISEASES IN HUMANS : Introduction to common diseases in humans Pathogens : e.g. The pathogens that enter the gut must know a way of surviving in the stomach … Read more

The Living World: Revision Notes for NEET 2023

The Living World revision notes for class 11

Take Free Test Series For NEET-UG Introduction The living world is a vast and diverse place, and it is important to understand the basic characteristics of living organisms in order to study them further. Some of the key characteristics of living organisms include: Living organisms are classified into different groups based on their shared characteristics. … Read more

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