Rising Death Toll and Diminished Hope in Turkey and Syria Earthquake aftermath

Turkey and Syria Earthquake aftermath
Image credit: Nature

The death toll from the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday continues to rise, with the current count at 19,823, according to The Guardian. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reported 16,546 deaths in Turkey alone. In Syria, where the country is already grappling with the aftermath of a 12-year long civil war, over 3,000 people have died, as reported by the government and rescue services in the rebel-held northwest.

President Erdogan has acknowledged issues with the initial response to the earthquake by his government. Meanwhile, a UN convoy carrying emergency aid has entered the rebel-held area in Syria, bringing much-needed supplies including jerrycans, blankets, and other materials.

As part of India’s ‘Operation Dosth’, the sixth flight carrying rescue personnel, essentials, and medical equipment has arrived in Turkey to support earthquake relief efforts. The flight includes additional rescue teams, dog squads, and essential medicines to aid the quake-hit country.Output in

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